Up lighting & Monogram Lighting

A touch of Elegance on your special day...

If you’d like to add something really unique to your special event, consider our up lighting and monogram packages. These additional touches will make your event even more memorable for you and your guests!

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Up lighting Packages

Up lighting can transform the look of any room and bring it to life with color. Up lighting is ambient lighting that surrounds the perimeter of the ballroom, shining up at the ceiling. You will have the opportunity to customize your up lighting to any color you would like it to be. It can match your color theme or it can just be added for an extra pop to your event! When people walk into a room that has elegant up lighting, you’ll often hear an audible gasp at the way the room has been transformed. It has to be seen to be believed! We’ve included some wedding uplighting photos so you can see it for yourself!

You can go with bright vibrant colors, or you can just go with a subtle look. Whatever look you’re going for we can make it happen.

Up lighting packages start at $395.00. Includes up to 16 fixtures.

Click these images to scroll through pictures of up lighting from our events!

Monogram Lighting Packages

The Monogram Projection brings notable personalization to the room. We literally shape light into the form of your initials or name and cast it on a surface — a wall, the dance floor, a waterfall. This creates an attention-getting hot spot that is the signature of the event.

Monogram lighting packages start at $295.00.

Click these images to scroll through pictures of custom gobo’s from our events!

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