DJ Gino

DJ Gino aka DJ “Ivory” is known for his musical talent both on the piano and on the DJ Mixer. He brings the wild side to your event, with a live piano option for your cocktail hour, then spinning a mix that’ll keep you on the floor all night.

DJ Gino 

DJ Gino Guarnere has, as a musician and DJ, done literally thousands of shows for hundreds of thousands of people in his career. A Philadelphia native, he’s been a part of some of the most successful rock, wedding and soul bands in the area. As a keyboard/piano player, vocalist, and front man he has performed throughout the USA and in several countries abroad. His knowledge of music and styles is as diverse as they come, and as a DJ he can rock your dance floor with hard-hitting mixes ranging from Old Skool Hip Hop to Studio 54 classic dance, modern dance, R&B, Ska, Reggae, Oldies or Rock and Roll.

I do not have enough good things to say about DJ Gino and VIP! They made everything so so easy from the beginning! They have a very thorough online planning website, it is easy to navigate, and helps you to keep everything perfect as you plan your wedding day timeline.

Gino kept in touch with me throughout the process, and we spoke on the phone twice before the wedding. I already had faith in him, but he makes you feel like your wedding day matters as much to him as it does to you! He played all the music for my wedding, including the ceremony, my cocktail hour, and my reception. I even had 2 different locations and he made everything perfect!! He played piano at my cocktail hour and he is phenomenal! During the reception he kept everyone dancing and everyone having fun including my husband and I!! To quote my mom, “he kept everyone rockin!”

My husband and I know Gino played a huge part in making our wedding day so special! We could go on and on with happy and wonderful words, and can not say thank you enough!

Tara and Mike

DJ Gino brings high energy, a light show that would make Times Square jealous, and his seasoned experience on the mic to your party. DJ Gino meets with his clients to get all the details necessary to make your event decidedly yours, and tailors each event to his clients personally. He brings all the latest top-shelf DJ equipment, including high-end mixers, powered speakers and mics, as well as backups of all his gear and music libraries. He believes his client’s biggest responsibility is to dance the night away with their friends, family, colleagues and guests!

If you’re looking for an energetic entertainer who will create a musical experience like no other, you’re looking for DJ Gino. Through his knowledge of music and his skill on the mixer, he creates an entertainment experience you and your guests won’t soon forget!

A Live Musician for your Event

Pianist and Vocalist, Gino Guarnere

The Piano Man, DJ GIno Guarnere, AKA “Ivory”

Gino also does something that no other DJ in the area can do: He brings his red piano by request, and can play your cocktail hour, private event, corporate or holiday party as a live instrumentalist (and vocalist). He plays piano in styles ranging from Sinatra to Billy Joel to Mozart, but can then step away from the piano and bring his club-style mixing prowess to the rest of your party, spinning up a musical cocktail of hits that will have you dizzy by the end of the event. Listen to some samples of Gino playing and singing below. Imagine this at your cocktail hour or after-party!

Want to kick it up a notch? Gino can also break out the microphone and sing if you want a more rowdy, piano bar style for your event.  Gino is just as happy to play the piano at the venue, but in those cases he’ll ask that the piano is in good condition and that it be tuned prior to your event.

If you’re looking for something completely different for your event, you should consider bringing Gino and his piano and microphone to your event.  You won’t be disappointed and you’ll guests will be signing along before you know it!

My wedding was so awesome and Gino from VIP is a huge reason for that. This company was so great to work with. The owner was so quick to respond to every little question I had. Once I picked Gino and started discussing the events with him, any worries I had were quickly gone.

I decided last minute to ask Gino to play his piano during cocktail hour. He brings it with him if the venue doesn’t have one! My cocktail hour was outside and he set up his piano right in the middle and played as people were mingling. It was AMAZING. It really helped create a beautiful and relaxed atmosphere before the party really got rocking. It’s such a small extra fee so it is completely worth it! We took photos before our ceremony so I am really glad I got to experience that part myself. It was well worth it.

I told Gino that I didn’t have many specific requests in terms of the type of dance music played and that I just wanted him to do whatever he had to do in order to keep people on the dance floor. Let me tell you! As the bride, I think I left the dance floor for about 5 mintutes, and it was packed all night long. I never thought I would find the time to dance all night, but every time I left, another song would come on and it was one that I just had to dance to! Everyone kept coming up to me while dancing and saying, “This dj is AWESOME! How did you find him?!?!”

Thank you Gino!!! It was the best night of my life.

Courtney and Jason

Not Avaliable for Friday Events

See if Gino is available for your event!

Three Questions for Gino:


What's your DJ Style?

“I go with the flow. I’ll watch the crowd and respond to where they’d like me to take my mix. Gotta play heads up ball out there!”

Can I request you bring the piano?

“Absolutely! The live piano option is a great upgrade for your cocktail hour. There’s nothing like having a live musician playing (and singing) for your guests!”

Can we make requests during the night?

“You bet! I always try to work in requests where it makes sense to do so! Sometimes people will request a song I’ve forgotten about, and it ends up really making the dance floor come to life.”
We were worried about choosing the right DJ for our event as we have been to many weddings and found that the DJ, whether good or bad, has a huge impact on the event. It was with this mindset that we found VIP. We chose VIP as our DJ on a recommendation from our venue, Faunbrook Bed and Breakfast, in West Chester. We liked VIP a lot but knew they were the right DJ for us when we met Gino. VIP has a great web portal that allowed us to pick songs that we wanted for the reception. Additionally, the website is very user friendly and had options for us to select special songs for the specific parts of our event. As stated before, we were able to work with Gino very well and he went out of his way to make sure we had the event we wanted. We went to see Gino play piano at a live event and knew we wanted to add his abilities to our wedding. His ability to perform solo and with a band translated well to our event. While we did not get to see him play, due to photos, we heard great reviews from our guests that his playing was a highlight of the cocktail hour.

Gino read the crowd well the entire venue and played the songs we asked as well as those he felt we would like. We only requested he play 6 songs on our must play list, the rest we left up to him and he did not disappoint. Sound quality was great and the additional lights made the dance floor come alive. IF you do go with VIP, book Gino and add his piano abilities while trusting his talents at reading audiences. We would highly recommend them.

Tara and Brad

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