Always looking to help out in the community!

Always looking to help out in the community!

VIP DJ Entertainment is not only the right company to contact for all your Wedding and Mitzvah entertainment needs, we also entertain a good amount of corporate events and community events!  Here we are providing music & entertainment between commercials for the “Ron Jaworski Show”  at one of our regular venues, Downingtown Country Club

It doesn’t matter what type of event you’re having.  We can provide a disc jockey/emcee for a corporate event, birthday party, sweet 16 party, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, wedding, and we even provide bi-lingual emcees if needed for a Quinceañera or Latin wedding.  Anything that requires sound, music, or entertainment!  

The word is out there about VIP DJ Entertainment.  Your entertainment choice is a huge decision! Do it right and put in some time to research that decision.  We have accumulated over 900 online reviews!  Check out our pages on Wedding Wire, The Knot, & Google!  We honestly would love the opportunity to speak with you about your event.  Best way to contact us is to click this link, fill out the form and click “submit”.  One of our office staff will contact you right away!  

You just got engaged, what’s next?

You just got engaged, what’s next?

Valentine’s Day may be a commercial holiday, but at the end of the day, many couples agree that it’s nice to take one day to celebrate your love. It’s an extremely popular day for proposals.

The latest American Express Spending and Saving Tracker consumer report surveyed Americans’ Valentine’s Day plans and found that six million couples are likely to get engaged on Feb. 14. What happens when you get engaged? Many couples can’t wait to tell friends and family the exciting news. The most frequent question they will get from everyone is “When is the Big Day?”

It’s important as soon as you do get engaged to decide how you are going to answer that question.   Unless you are rushing off to the justice of the peace for a small civil ceremony, planning a wedding (small or large) can be a very complicated process. Don’t let it be overwhelming. First, if you are newly engaged, don’t feel pressure from your friends or family to start planning or set a date right away. It’s OK to say “we are thinking sometime next year” or we would like to get married in the Fall but not this year. Wedding vendors meet many couples who are not sure of their date or venue yet. Sometimes brides and grooms are in the “information gathering” stage which actually makes them a more informed customer. Newly engaged couples can really benefit by attending a bridal show as soon as possible just to get information and to see what type of vendors they will need for the big day. Sometimes this helps them decide if they would like a large or small wedding.

Once you do decide on a date, the vendors you need to line up first are the venue and the ceremony location, a photographer and a disc jockey. Make sure you do your research. Use websites like and to find vendors and read their reviews. A lot of these sites also offer free services to create a website for your special day where your guests can get information and you can share photos, etc..

Beware of vendors who offer multiple prices for the same service. Lots of vendors try to size up customers to see what their price range is, so they offer numerous prices to determine how much they will spend or they will need to know your venue first in order to see how much money you are spending on that before they offer a price. A reputable DJ company should charge the same price no matter where your event is being held.   There may be extra charges if you are looking at things like uplighting and/or monogram lighting or if you add other things like a ceremony package or photo booth.

An experienced wedding disc jockey will also be your emcee for the day. There is no need to hire two people. Your disc jockey will control the flow of your event and will be flexible in case of any last minute changes or issues that may occur. The company will also offer easy online planning systems that will make it easy to plan your Big Day. Your DJ should be easy to contact and responsive whether you communicate through email, text or by phone. They should be willing to work with you to find out what type of music you like, whether you want your DJ to be high energy and talk on the microphone a lot or more low key.

A professional wedding DJ will normally invest 12 to 30 hours in your special event although it may appear that you are only paying for 4 or 5 hours. Meetings, music purchasing & editing, building playlists, set up and break down are all included in your package price. If there is one part of your wedding reception where you should not try to cut corners, it’s your entertainment.   Your guests are going to remember the fun they had dancing at your reception, not the color of the flowers on the table or the meal they had. It’s all about creating a lasting, lifelong memory of your event for you and your guests!

Don’t delay, once you have your date, get your DJ lined up because like in any profession, the good ones will book up quickly!

Congratulations on your engagement!

Researching Dj skills – finding the right entertainment

Researching Dj skills – finding the right entertainment


Let’s face it, when you’re planning an event your entertainment choice is absolutely the most important of all the decisions you’re going to make.  When hiring a disc jockey it’s important to get your research done to find the right DJ with the proper skills that fit what you’re looking for.

We’ve had people ask us to send them a mix of songs so they can hear how we transition between songs, and we are willing to do this for people but this is really NOT a good method.  Why?  Well, when you ask a DJ to send you a mix of songs, he is taking the songs, adding them to his music mixing software, taking the necessary time to prepare the mix and send it to you.   When you’re on the fly at someones wedding, there is very little time to prepare a mix.  When you have an active dance floor in front of you, you’re mixing in the songs that will keep that dance floor popping! You’re feeling the energy and returning it with great music to keep the energy level high.

Even watching videos, or looking at pictures that companies send you is not a good method.  We here at VIP DJ Entertainment have a lot of video footage of our Djs at weddings, and we also have a lot of pictures from our events. Do you really think when you’re looking to hire a DJ that the perspective DJ company is going to send you a video of them failing at an event?  Or send you a bad picture from an event?  Of course not!

The ABSOLUTE best way to do your research is to READ REVIEWS!  If there was a DJ at an event, and he was really bad at mixing music, or if his setup looked really sloppy and unprofessional, or if he was a bad emcee, do you really think the client would have taken the time to leave him a great review?  Sites like Wedding Wire and The Knot are excellent sites to get some research done.  These reviews that are posted on these site are real!  They cannot be manipulated. This is the only review source we use.  There are companies out there that post reviews on their websites and they have full control over what get’s written on their sites.  When reviews are posted on Wedding Wire and on The Knot there is no way for anyone to control what is written except for the client that wrote the review!

Wedding Entertainment Pricing & research

Wedding Entertainment Pricing & research

wedding ceremony

When you’re getting ready to plan a special event like a wedding, mitzvah, sweet 16 party, corporate event, holiday party or whatever the case may be there is always so many things to consider, and so many choices to make.   The entertainment plays a major role in the success of any event!  When searching for the right entertainment you definitely want to do some research to make sure you find a company with a lot of proven experience and a great track record.

There are so many different disc jockey companies to choose from, how do you know who’s best for you?  Well, if you’re planning a wedding you want to make sure the company you’re considering has a good crew of wedding disc jockeys to back one another up.  The best way to make sure the companies out there are really who they say they are is to get online and read reviews!  There are sites out there like Wedding wire, & The Knot that a lot of brides and grooms post reviews on about their past experiences with these companies.  This is really the BEST way to do your wedding entertainment research.  If a DJ company is displaying on their website that they have 12 DJs, but when you go to these review sites and only one or two of them are getting reviews that should be a red flag.  Do they really have as much depth as they claim they do?

Also look out for the “one man show”.  There are a lot of  DJs out there that i’m sure are great at what they do, but are they true “wedding DJs” with a lot of wedding experience?  And what happens if they’re sick or if some sort of emergency happens on your wedding date that prevents your DJ from showing up?  It’s much better to go with a company that has a PROVEN established crew of trained quality entertainers so that if something does happen, there’s always a backup plan in place.


Finding your perfect wedding DJ.

Finding your perfect wedding DJ.

The wedding business is just amazing.   As a professional disc jockey,  when you’re DJ-ing someone’s wedding reception you’re not only their music man but their master of ceremonies. Being the master of ceremonies is a major responsibility!  Not only do you have to make sure you set the atmosphere perfectly by playing the correct blend of music to keep the crowd engaged and having a great time, you also have to make sure the sequence of events flows seamlessly from one segment to the next with emcee skills.

The role of the Wedding Master of Ceremony incorporates a wide range of skills, and those who serve in this capacity should have frequently undergone extensive training in the following areas:

  • Delivering Applause Cues
  • Presenting Introductions
  • Microphone technique
  • Posture and Stance
  • Voice Inflection

There are a couple of things to look for when searching for the perfect wedding DJ.  First and foremost read reviews!   There are websites like wedding wire and The Knot that offer up to date information on recent experiences that past brides and grooms have had with their wedding vendors.  You also want to pay attention to how responsive they are in answering emails, returning phone calls, and getting the necessary information over to you to help you make an informed decision.   If they are really slow to respond do they really want your business?   Is this an indication on how they’re going to respond to your questions leading up to the event?  Wedding planning is a big job!  You don’t need the added stress of waiting to hear back from your wedding DJ. You need to find a disc jockey who shares your passion for your Big Day!  Contact us today to meet our amazing team is VIP DJs!  We want to make your wedding day fun and memorable!

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Bands vs. DJ

Bands vs. DJ

There are so many choices and decisions to make when planning your wedding.  The entertainment is definitely one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Think of your music as the soundtrack to your wedding day.   Music can make or break a party.   Live music can be fun in the right setting, but is also very limited. If you have a good professional wedding DJ at your wedding, there are many advantages!

DJs are much less expensive than live bands and offer a wide range of music styles, while bands have a much more rigid set list to work with, and only have a limited number of songs that they know and can perform.  DJs also have the flexibility to “read the crowd” and adjust the playlist accordingly to what they see happening on the dance floor, or to take requests from your guests.  Also DJs don’t take breaks and they can play your favorite songs so you can enjoy them the way they were originally recorded.  And if the party goes into overtime, the DJ won’t be to tired to keep you and your guests on the dance floor dancing the night away!

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