Let’s face it, when you’re planning an event your entertainment choice is absolutely the most important of all the decisions you’re going to make.  When hiring a disc jockey it’s important to get your research done to find the right DJ with the proper skills that fit what you’re looking for.

We’ve had people ask us to send them a mix of songs so they can hear how we transition between songs, and we are willing to do this for people but this is really NOT a good method.  Why?  Well, when you ask a DJ to send you a mix of songs, he is taking the songs, adding them to his music mixing software, taking the necessary time to prepare the mix and send it to you.   When you’re on the fly at someones wedding, there is very little time to prepare a mix.  When you have an active dance floor in front of you, you’re mixing in the songs that will keep that dance floor popping! You’re feeling the energy and returning it with great music to keep the energy level high.

Even watching videos, or looking at pictures that companies send you is not a good method.  We here at VIP DJ Entertainment have a lot of video footage of our Djs at weddings, and we also have a lot of pictures from our events. Do you really think when you’re looking to hire a DJ that the perspective DJ company is going to send you a video of them failing at an event?  Or send you a bad picture from an event?  Of course not!

The ABSOLUTE best way to do your research is to READ REVIEWS!  If there was a DJ at an event, and he was really bad at mixing music, or if his setup looked really sloppy and unprofessional, or if he was a bad emcee, do you really think the client would have taken the time to leave him a great review?  Sites like Wedding Wire and The Knot are excellent sites to get some research done.  These reviews that are posted on these site are real!  They cannot be manipulated. This is the only review source we use.  There are companies out there that post reviews on their websites and they have full control over what get’s written on their sites.  When reviews are posted on Wedding Wire and on The Knot there is no way for anyone to control what is written except for the client that wrote the review!

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