There are so many choices and decisions to make when planning your wedding.  The entertainment is definitely one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Think of your music as the soundtrack to your wedding day.   Music can make or break a party.   Live music can be fun in the right setting, but is also very limited. If you have a good professional wedding DJ at your wedding, there are many advantages!

DJs are much less expensive than live bands and offer a wide range of music styles, while bands have a much more rigid set list to work with, and only have a limited number of songs that they know and can perform.  DJs also have the flexibility to “read the crowd” and adjust the playlist accordingly to what they see happening on the dance floor, or to take requests from your guests.  Also DJs don’t take breaks and they can play your favorite songs so you can enjoy them the way they were originally recorded.  And if the party goes into overtime, the DJ won’t be to tired to keep you and your guests on the dance floor dancing the night away!

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