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DJ John Kelley takes pride in personalizing your event from beginning to end! He caters to all ages and all types of events. He has vast experience in many types of venues!

DJ John Kelley

DJ John Kelley would like to welcome you and thank you for your time! I’m so glad to have this opportunity to tell you a little about myself and my views as a DJ. Be it any occasion – private,corporate, holiday event or wedding, I specialize in the occasion at hand. I’m a very humble and attentive man who has YOUR interests at heart. I cater to people and who they are. I adapt to your situation and what makes YOU most comfortable. If you have an idea or a picture in your mind of how you would like your event to be presented, I look forward to getting to know you to find out exactly what that is and how I can make that image become a reality. I have spent many years with private, corporate, weddings and nightlife scenarios and I know how to adapt to what is presented before me. I truly hope that you will consider me for your upcoming event and thanks for reading and looking into VIP DJ Entertainment!

I met John Kelley years ago when he was in a band. I later found out he was also a DJ and referred him to my now husband’s brother for their wedding three years ago. He did a great job and they were so happy for the referral. This past summer he also worked for my friend’s wedding and then my wedding in October.

I couldn’t have imagined my wedding without him there. I didn’t have to think twice about him being on time or getting anything wrong. He called me weeks before the wedding to get the ideas going and followed up about a week before to finalize with me as well as the wedding venue. He knew the order everything needed to go in and could make suggestions when I needed it. He made sure he pronounced every single name right in the wedding party correct and was able to make a last minute correction when we were short a bridal party member and had to change the order.

I’ve seen him work three different weddings with three different personalities and he delivers. I would and have referred him to everyone I know that needs a DJ.

Tara Tabor

We are writing to you today as a professional reference as testimony of the DJ services provided by John Kelley for our wedding on August 10, 2012. However, to fully understand the extent of John’s impact on our wedding, you need to know an important factor: although we had booked our reception venue exactly two years in advance, we found out precisely ten days before our big day that our particular room had been double booked, and we were forced to change venues. This resulted in a drastic change in environment as we had expected to have a room with a balcony (for cocktail hour) overlooking a ballroom with a stage, and in actuality ended up holding our wedding in two separate rooms with a shared hallway including a dance club for cocktail hour and a traditional ballroom for dinner. Although we had already booked a band (friends of the family) to entertain our guests intermittently throughout the night, this change in venues required John to quickly change his game plan in the way of audio setup.

Furthermore, even after John was required to change his expected audio setup, I find it extremely important to note the impressive drive that John displayed for going above and beyond our expectations as our DJ to make sure that our wedding day was perfect in every way possible. John was there for us every step of the way with the planning, offering suggestions when we needed them but without being pushy with his opinions, as well as offering kind words of encouragement at times when we needed them the most (which was often, given the fact that we had to basically re-plan our entire reception in the ten days leading up to our wedding). John was professional, but extremely knowledgeable and helpful throughout the entire experience, and it was obvious that he truly loves what he does. As a couple, we are extremely indecisive people, and John was able to help us come to decisions on our music choices without difficulty. Even more, John was outstanding in his ability to work together with the band, resulting in musical entertainment which we really believe helped to represent the both of us well, while also creating the wedding “feel” that we had envisioned.

However, although John impressed us with his ability to assist in the big details such as music choices, it was the attention to fine detail that truly impressed us with John as a professional. For instance, although we had reviewed the names of our bridal party and he had written down the phonetic spelling, not only had John obviously practiced these pronunciations, but he personally sought out and asked each of our bridal party members if his pronunciation was correct prior to announcing us all into cocktail hour. Even more, John helped pull off a few surprises for the groom (and guests) that day, including a special song for the garter toss and a disappearance of the bride for a surprise dress change.

Throughout the duration of our experience working with John, it was immensely obvious that his passion for his role went far beyond his professional duties. John did a tremendous job blending our personalities as bride and groom with the “feel” of our guests, and providing truly enjoyable entertainment for all of our guests throughout our entire reception.

Nevertheless, of all the raving this email contains about John’s services as a professional DJ, we would like to note a personality trait which we believe to be one of the most impacting factors on our experience with John. Through all of the stress of wedding planning, John continually reminded us of the final goal: no matter what happens, at the end of the day, we were getting married and starting a life together as best friends and husband and wife. John’s belief in love and marriage is evident in all that he does, and a driving factor in his ability to calm the most stressed and emotionally unstable bride-to-be. We could not have imagined a more perfect wedding DJ experience, and to this day remain delighted with our decision to depend on John for our wedding entertainment. We have recommended John to many friends planning important events including weddings, family parties, and more, and we will without a doubt be using John for all of our future DJ needs.

If you have any further questions regarding our professional experience in working with John Kelley for our DJ needs, please feel free to contact us at any time. However, John’s skills are a testimony on their own, and we are absolutely certain of his ability to impress anyone with not only his aptitude in his profession, but also his passion for life as a whole.

Whitney and Robert

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